Last Week



School holiday artwork on the station platform

Ugh!  All last week my body was very After Easter – meaning it kept telling me it wants to stay home, sleep in, watch tv and eat lots and lots of Easter eggs.  But we must work and I console myself that if I hadn’t gone into work I would have missed;

  • A small boy making squeaking noises to mimic the cry of the flocks of rainbow lorikeets that are feasting the gum trees around the station
  • A young man wearing bright gold sneakers and carrying a flower a la Oscar Wilde.
  • A man metal detecting on the grass nearby looking for old pennies. He found only bottle tops, squashed deodorant bottles and an American one cent piece.  “I look on it as a deep clean of the landscape,” he said.
  • A chat with young men from the Graz (Austria) boys choir
  • Lots and lots of happy school holiday kids with their parents and grandparents and stuffed animals bought at the zoo. Noisy but nice.

On the other hand if I hadn’t been at work I would not have the bruise on my lower stomach that I got from trying to help an elderly man manoeuver his scooter inside the train.  He panicked and reversed by mistake and wedged me against a railing.  Ouch!



Children enjoying the Royal Park Children’s book box (some at least)



2 thoughts on “Last Week

  1. Yes I did. Luckily I was off to the Chiropracter that evening so she checked it out. Interesting to see how worried my managers were though! 🙂 Thanks for asking

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