The Conductor


Recently I’ve acquired a new regular at my station. A little man in his fifties who conducts – not trains but orchestras.  Where ever he goes he plays band/orchestral music on his mp3 player and he conducts to it waving a long white baton.  He conducts while waiting for the train, on the train and when he gets off again.  I don’t know what he does at other stations, but watching him coming down the platform at you waving a white baton delicately held between his thumb and forefinger is as dynamic as seeing Harry Potter coming at you waving his wand. The Conductor is very fit looking which is not surprising as he conducts with his whole body. I’m no judge of the quality of his conducting.

Recently I ran into him at another station and he recognized me. I was on my way to work and wearing my uniform.  He wasn’t conducting so we chatted and I asked him what he did.  He said he was coming from a class.  He said he taught percussion and trumpet and that he was also a guest conductor at a major symphony orchestra.  He told me he’d had guest spots in Vienna and Paris this year.  He described how hard it was to become a conductor. He was intense, but seemed complete in his world.

I’m keeping an open mind.  I suspect, as do most of us on the line, that this is all fantasy, but I always keep an open mind about these things.  It’s rude to tell someone they’re fibbing and you never know.  It might all be true. Stranger things have happened.

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