A most gratifying rain storm

MacFarlane_L_sm many rivers to cross the Moonee Ponds Creek

During a recent rain storm, an assortment of passing cyclists were taking shelter in the waiting room with the rest of us huddled masses. One of the cyclists approached me.

“Are you the lady who writes the blog,” she asked.
I was delighted to think someone was reading me and admitted to the crime.
Thus I met Larissa MacFarlane Printmaker extraordinaire. I took a look at her website which is at http://larissamacfarlane.blogspot.com.au/

and fell totally in love with this wonderful print of the train line near the junction station where it goes under the freeway and over the river. You can cycle or walk through I and it has strange noisily silent “special” atmosphere, kind of like a modern temple to the Gods of progress or business. I think Larissa has captured it perfectly.

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