Skateboards for Giant Tortoises

Posted on September 18, 2015

When I arrived yesterday I was a bit concerned to find the meal room door open but it turned out two work men had taken refuge there while waiting for some glue to dry. Currently they are installing a huge screen in my station so that they can track, of all things, the movement of the nearby TRAMS!!! Very Utopia! (I mean the Rob Sitch TV show,not the St Thomas More book) I should add that the station has no screen for showing when the trains come so that should be quite confusing for the passengers.

I always chat to workmen and offer them cups of tea. These two turned out to be very nice chaps, horribly bored which meant they very kindly helped me put in some nails to hang things from, made me some very nice labels for my keys and listened with great sympathy to my woeful tale of being robbed two weeks ago.

Giant Tortoise but no sign of the skateboard

Later in the day I was chatting to another workman from the zoo. This guy was an engineer and he showed me pictures of his latest project – building a skateboard for one of the giant tortoises who had become paralyzed in two legs.
The world is a terrible place – any newscast will tell you that – but there is still something wonderful about a life in which someone had a job building skateboards for elderly tortoises.

p.s. there are lots of pictures on the net of little tortoises skateboarding.  I wonder how they enjoy the speed.

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