The man who whizzed unwisely

My station in middle of the Royal Melbourne Golf Course and the golf course maintenance men whizz around the place in their ride on mowers.  Unfortunately one of them whizzed unwisely over the railway crossing and one of the mower wheels fell off.  First thing I knew about it, three maintenance men were struggling to push/pull it off the tracks.  I stood there gawping for a time until I realized that my duty in this instance was to call Central and warn the oncoming trains.  Hard to take a ride-on-mower seriously as a vehicle but it could probably stop a train.  Fortunately by then someone had bought up the Golf Courses Bobcat and the mower was quickly dragged off.  The mower was scooting around happily the following day so no real harm done. They have better toys then me, the golf course maintenance men. I’m just happy to have a brush and shovel with a long handle.

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