The Green Cheek Conure

The Green Cheek Conure.

Saw a delightful thing on the way home.  A handsome youth in the train had a little parrot, a Green Cheeked Conure,  sitting on his shoulder.  The bird got tired of being ignored and started pulling his ear buds and the young man took it in his hand and scratched its head and tummy till it was completely blissed out.  I couldn’t help admiring the deft way he handled this fragile little creature.

When the train stopped at the station, he put the bird on his finger and held it out the door where it obediently dropped a little poop on the platform.  Then he brought it back into the carriage and sat it on his shoulder again.  I was so impressed and so is everyone I’ve told about this.  How on earth did he train a bird to do that?  Unfortunately during the whole exercise he avoided any eye contact so I didn’t get the chance to ask.


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