The portaloo man cometh


When the arrival of the Portaloo serviceman is the highlight of your day, you know you are having a boring shift at Zoo Station. We had a chat and I learned among other things that he calls his Sat. Nav. Gwen after his mother. After that things got a bit more interesting. The ticket machine maintenance man showed me pictures of the ants nest in one of the machines which keeps flicking the circuit breaker and stopping the machine.(They’re for the chop, poor heat-seeking insects)

I had to explain to two NZ tourists who’d managed to miss the stop twice that, no, just because there was a sign on doors saying they were power operated didn’t mean they opened automatically, only that they close automatically. Why is that sign there?

A group of uni students in animal onesies showed up to go to the zoo. (As you do) One 6 foot tall skinny guy was wearing a pink dinosaur onesie that left bare a huge expanse of calf between knee and runner. He looked so odd, I would have taken a photo of him, but I was down the platform helping a blind man find the right carriage.

And there you have the day’s highlights.

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