Meet Guest Author Jane Routley

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Hi Everyone!

I’m from Melbourne Australia. Apart from a decade when I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark (in a house built before Australia was even known to Europeans), I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life.

I used to be a librarian, but due to chronic problems with tendonitis, I really needed a job that didn’t involve hours of computer work. So with great regret, I left libraries and went to work for the railways doing customer service.

Jane RoutleyAmazingly, I love my new job. The public are so strange and interesting. I stand around in all weathers helping people with directions and ticket machines. I’ve started to blog on my Website, Facebook and Goodreads page about the strange things that happen to me. At the moment I work at the station outside Melbourne Zoo where you can hear the lions roaring at lunchtime. Drop in and say Hello if you’re ever in…

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